Jace Lee Anderson

I turn your favorite photos into framed oil paintings, hyper-detailed graphite images, or digital illustrations, and I write about topics regarding all things spiritual such as tarot, mediation, and enlightenment. My work is for those that are brave enough to be interested in exploring the greater truth that is within. Collectors of my artwork will discover a new perspective that leaves them with a truer sense of identity and clarity. Everything I do contains only one core message: we are one.


There is nothing that gets me into the flow of life like art does. I love how it can communicate more than just words can. I believe it is the artists that are the movers of culture for they sense things more deeply and are able to visualize things before others, therefore they create from a place of intuitive action.


My work comes from an urge that was birthed into me very early in life—at the beginning. I had previously seen this as an insignificant interest at best, but I have become aware of how very important it is to follow the path of creation and discovery. It often pours out through me in the forms of detailed portraiture in an attempt to capture what lives behind the experience of images and faces. Other times it comes through me with words and ideas.


Being diagnosed with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus in my mid twenties has made me acutely aware of the impermanence of all life. As a result I have come to cherish the present moment and to use it to discover what really matters. I dream of a world in which every human follows their own unique inner passion for if we all were to did so, there would be total balance, peace, joy, and flow. It is my passion to live a life in alignment with this truth. To me, that means reflecting on the fact that I have always felt an inner pulling to create, to make marks on blank surfaces, to capture life's experience in the form of art so that I may share it with the world as we all make our way toward healing.

I live in Missoula, Montana with my husband, our blue heeler, and bearded dragon.

As a way of exploring the endless avenues and archetypes of self-discovery, I have studied philosophy, meditation, mindfulness, synchronicity, consciousness, near death experiences, cartomancy, and many other spiritual practices. During the time it took me to grow a comfortable familiarity with the images, messages, and lessons hidden within the depths of such practices, I was given the tools and means that allowed me to write two books: a guidebook for Crystal Bone Tarot Deck, "A Search for Who You Are," and "The Opening," a documentation of the awakening process.


We are one, and it is my duty to remember this truth and to continually stand as a reminder of this truth for all reflections of being—you. You can find many other interesting and comprehensive essays on discovering this for yourself in the blog. For more information, join the newsletter or contact me below​.